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Aegisub 2.1.9 Advanced Subtitle Editor Full + Tutorial | Maybe there are still unfamiliar with this software.Judging from the name of the title now would have guessed? Yes, Aegisub 2.1.9 Advanced Subtitle Editor is a software that allows you to create a subtitle on the video. Though Freeware, Aegisub 2.1.9 is not inferior to the professional video editor in the affairs of subtitle.
When an application claims to be the most advanced subtitle editor in the world, you can not do anything else but give it a try and see what it’s up to.

Aegisub’s developer says his application has evolved so much That it has Become the number one SSA / ASS subtitle editor on the planet, Thus Spake offering exactly the features users need when working with They subtitles.

Truth is, the way it looks is absolutely professional. Although a freewaresoftware solution, Aegisub has the All Things it needs to turn into a professional tool can do wonders That.

It has a very clean interface, but the most interesting fact is that? It’s full of features, regardless if we’re talking about the subtitles per se, timing, video or audio. Not to mention Aegisub That also comes with an automation manager That lets you conduct auto tasks, saving time with Thus Spake operations you do on a regular basis.

Since it’s Such a powerful software tool, it also comes with a very detailed help menu, the which means it is addressed to beginners and professional users alike.

In just a few words, Aegisub has everything you need, Such as a subtitle styles manager, translation and styling assistants, spell checkers and resolution resamplers, details and video timers, just to be sure That everything will go the way it’s Supposed to.

All Things Considered, it seems a Aegisub That is indeed the most powerful subtitle editor in the world, and maybe it’s not the easiest to use, but it has all the features you will ever need from Such an app.
Aegisub description

Aegisub is a general-purpose, open-source SubStation Alpha subtitle editor That was created to help in many aspects of subtitle typesetting, timing and editing by correcting flawed features found in the Medusa Subtitling Station and adding many That it lacked.

With many specialized tools to complement the generic, easy to use interface, Aegisub is now the most advanced SSA / ASS subtitle editor in the world.

A comprehensive manual (including step by step tutorials) ensures That anyone can be working with Aegisub in a very short time.

Key Feature:

· Unicode in UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16LE and UTF-16BE encodings
· Importing non-Unicode subtitles from over 30 different character encodings, Including Shift_JIS, allowing you to resume work on any subtitles regardless of your system locale settings
· Loading advanced Substation Alpha (. Ass), Substation Alpha (. Ssa), SubRip (. Srt) and Plain-Text (. Txt) (with actor data) subtitle formats
· Full tag conversion from SRT to ASS
· Multiple Undo levels
· Powerful Automation module using the Lua scripting language to create advanced karaoke effects (including per-Syllable effects, similar to AssCalc) – or any other kind of subtitles manipulation
· Syntax highlighting
· Fonts collector to collect all fonts used in a script into a folder

· Opening of videos via AviSynth for true preview of subtitles using VSFilter, in any format supported by DirectShow
· Aspect ratio overriding for anamorphic videos
· Variable Frame Rate videos via timecodes file (v1 and v2), Including exporting processed times for hardsubbing
· Display of video coordinates under mouse and simple auto positioning support
· Audio mode the which allows you to open files in any format your DirectShow can decode That, Including Wave, mp3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AC3 and others
· Powerful audio timing and playback mode, Including full support forkaraoke manipulation
· Functions and hotkeys easily synchronizing audio / video and subtitles
· Time shifting and manipulation by timestamps or frame numbers (once video or timecodes are loaded)
· Advanced find and replace with support for Regular Expressions
· Cut / Copy / Paste subtitles via plain-text format, so it can be Pasted in any plain-text editor
· Translation assistant to easily translate subtitles to another language
· Styling assistant to Quickly pick styles for each line in subtitles
· Styles manager That allows you to categorize subtitles styles, to the make working on Several projects Painless
· Keyframe navigation for fast seeking to scene boundaries
· Several subtitles manipulation macros, Such as making timing continuous or recombining double lines after OCR
· Highlighting of subtitles That are visible on current video frame, and a button to select Those
· Preview subtitle changes imediately by pressing Ctrl + Enter
· Shortcut buttons to set text as bold, italic, underline, strikeouts, change font or any of the 4 colors
· Extensive manual with detailed instructions and tutorials for typesetting and program usage

What’s new in Aegisub 2.1.9:

· Attachments: The Attachments dialogue will now properly set the undo points
· Attachments: Attachments When closing the dialogue, empty any attachment sections are cleaned up from the file
· Audio: Fix leak a handle and a rare deadlock in the DirectSound audio player
· Audio: Might be a little faster when displaying keyframe markers (pink lines)
· Audio: No more “You pressed cancel!” pseudo-errors when canceling audio loading
· Automation: Fix for rare furigana layout issue in karaskel
· Automation: The append operation for the object now subtitled dialogue intelligently appends lines to the end of the Events section instead of the absolute end of file, solving issues with dialogue after appending attachments
· Automation: Returning selections from Lua macros now works correctly, no longer shifts the selection down by one from the intended
· Automation: The table.copy_deep function in utils.lua now works asadvertised and handles self-referencing tables and circular references
· Automation: Added new “remember / recall” suite of functions to KaraokeTemplater
· File i / o: Selecting charset / text encoding after opening a non-Unicode file now properly respects your choice
· File i / o: Added support for writing the EBU STL (tech 3264) subtitle data exchange format
· File i / o: Warn if Trying to load a binary. Sub file, the which is Likely a VobSub file (which is not supported)
· General: Changed compilation settings to the make the Windows binaries smaller without sacrificing speed or functionality
· General: VSFilter is now linked as a dependency instead of the normal DLL dynamically at runtime Discovered, using alternative CSRI renderers no longer possible, this should make-loading a wrong VSFilter almost impossible
· General: Various input methods on Linux should work more reliably now
· General: Fixed a variety of memory leaks
· Help System: The locally installed help would never actually get used when using Help buttons or the Help menu
· Hotkeys: Fixed a bug where having a hotkeyable item having no hotkeycombinations would cause wrong key (try to) activate That anyway
· Installer: Various changes making it more stable, issues with Kaspersky Internet Security 8 should be solved now

· Installer: The portable version is now (again) a self-extracting RAR archive, rather than an InnoSetup installer
· Select Lines: The active line is now always one of the selected lines after using the Select Lines dialog
· Shift Times: Made the shift times history-based display one frame numbers when shifting the selection onwards
· Spell checker: Updated list of “word separator” characters, meaning Such punctuation as hyphens should behave better now
· Spell checker: You now get an Appropriate message when no dictionaries are installed and you try to spell check
· Style Manager: Duplicating a style and renaming the copy no longer rename Gives a warning
· Style Manager: Fixes to copying styles Between storage and script
· Style Manager: All controls are now dynamically resized, as a result it is a little larger overall size and adjusts to fit translated texts
· Grid Subtitle: The subtitle grid now also takes the width of column title texts into account when calculating column sizes, allowing more freedom in translations choice of column texts
· Subtitle grid: Fixed the “clicking near the top / bottom of the grid Selects multiple lines” issue, and other row selection issues
· Timing of post-processor: The “make-adjacent” threshold now has the end of the range be inclusive
· Translation Assistant: Fixed a control layout on a Mac issue, Preventing it from working properly there
· Translations: Added Polish
· Translations: Added Farsi (Persian)
· Update checker: Fix a possible crash
· Video: canceling FFmpegSource now indexing video stops loading, instead of Trying another video provider
· Video: Fixed a bug related to loading timecodes first, then loading a video, Causing subtitle rendering to break
· Video display: detached mode should work properly (again?)
· Video display: video Zooming in works entered correctly again, it no longer compresses the video
· Video display: As a side effect of the above, there is now no longer a sunken border around the video
· Video display: The video display was consistently a little too small in each direction, Causing blurry display
· Video display: Other minor optimisations and improvements to error reporting
· Video display: Fixed minor bugs with opening a new video without closing an already open one
· Video display: The visual typesetting tools are now hidden when a video is playing
· Video display: Maybe made the OpenGL initialisation for the video display drivers more reliable on poor, Might fix issues with some ATI / AMD and Intel driver versions.
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